Since its inception in April 2001, Attitude Performing Arts Studio has been an artistic hub that gathers dance enthusiasts of all ages from all walks of life. The school was founded with the aim to groom confident and virtuoso dancers for the stage both locally and internationally. It also aims to impart greater passion and deeper appreciation of performing arts.

With Classical Ballet as its main specialty, the school provides training courses by the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) (UK) and the Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dancing (CSTD) (Australia) - two prestigious systems which are widely sought after by dance students worldwide. The school also provides other genres of dance classes such as Funky Dance (Modern Jazz for Children), Jazz, Hip Hop and Modern. Classes on Body Conditioning (Pilates) are also offered as a supplement to dance students and those who are interested in toning and strengthening their bodies.

Located at Bukit Timah Plaza, Attitude Performing Arts Studio is now complete with 6 dance studios, a Pilates and Gyrotonics studio, a café (Fringe), a merchandise store (Attitude Shoppe) and not forgetting their very own seamstress who is able to match your costume needs.

Attitude Performing Arts Studio is more than “just another dance studio” it is a lifestyle place with delicious food and beverages from the Fringe Café, ample rest and dining area for the general public and parents of our students, and Attitude Shoppe that satisfies your insatiable hunger for anything related to dance. One of the dance studios is also a theatre studio that is used to stage events and performances.

The school also boasts their own performance group named “Attitude Performing Group” which consists of a group of specially selected dancers who are developed to fulfill their finest potential. Besides Ballet, they are also trained in a wide array of other dance genres such as Jazz, Hip Hop and Tap. Since its birth, Attitude Performing Group has been involved in multiple performances ranging from charity shows to television appearances. Consistent performances at competitions since 2002 have put them in good stead.

Attitude Performing Arts Studio believes in promoting dance as a lifestyle and allowing their students experience what they cannot get within the hectic Singaporean lifestyle. The staff’s dedication to their work has helped to make Attitude Performing Arts Studio one of the best dance, fitness and wellness lifestyle studios with a sense of community. Attitude Performing Arts Studio exists because of an unquenchable passion and zeal for dance, which the school strongly believes can be sustained throughout many generations.

Passionate teachers, experienced staff and great people make the studio a place that you want to belong to. Attitude Performing Arts Studio takes enormous pride and delight in raising up the next generation of premier dancers and choreographers for the international stage so do check them out for a first class dance education packaged with a free lifestyle of dance with attitude.

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